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Entspannt - eine erotische Geschichte

Print Length pagine. This hard science fiction eBook is presented in the form of lectures delivered in the year CE, celebrating the beginning of the tenth millennium. The lecturer tells us that the first permanent colonists will arrive on the Martian surface in the fifth millennium.

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Contact with the initial outpost will be severely constrained by its distance from Earth, and by the interplay of the orbital parameters of Earth and Mars. The miniscule payloads which chemical rockets can deliver to Mars will make large scale colonization impossible during the early years. The future of the Mars colony will be secured by two fortuitous developments.

Mes livres

The resumption of more-frequent contact with Mars saves the existing colony from collapse. The second fortuitous event will be the development of the EK drive early in the seventh millennium. The EK drive harnesses zero point energy, drawing on limitless free and clean energy available everywhere in the universe.

This will make the inefficient chemical rockets obsolete and will make voyages to Mars much faster, more comfortable, and more economical. The much higher average speeds available with the EK drive will shorten the time of travel and significantly increase the number of voyages that can be made each year.

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  • Materials of High Vacuum Technology 15 Stitches Carbon Market Standard Requirements The history of the war in America, between Great Britain and her colonies from its commencement to the end of the year in which its origin, progress, Dont Tell Also, the best The Why Bother? Whispered Echoes Martian ecology will be designed to provide both food for sustenance and pleasure for the senses.

    Fish, animals and plants will be designed to suit Martian preferences. Even insects and algae will be of Martian design and each will serve a purpose, add something interesting to the environment and not be harmful to human inhabitants. By the year , Martians are proposing to colonize other star systems.

    They propose construction of a space ship which will journey into the galaxy. Using Martian experience in terraforming, the voyagers will find and colonize suitable planets. The project will be by far the most ambitious ever undertaken by humans.

    The ship will be several kilometers in diameter, consist of about 20 decks, house more than 10, voyagers, and travel on with no plan to return to our solar system. Preparing for such an expedition involves great cost, much planning, and development of new equipment.

    But perhaps most importantly, it will require a social structure on the Ark that will give the voyagers personal freedoms while maintaining a closed society that can enjoy peace for thousands of years. Remember, the Ark will be a permanent home for many generations of humans, with no way out, except for those who remain on some distant planet as colonists.