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Equivalent fractions are displayed in a table to help identify patterns. Use the 'build your own' feature to further explore equivalent fractions. Learn about the core concepts of fractions through 12 animated clips. View the clips on the topic that you want to learn about. These clips will help build a string foundation in fractions. Test your understanding of fractions by creating pairs that would add up to a target number.

Target numbers can be whole numbers, mixed numbers or improper fractions. For example, work out how many eighths to add to five-fourths to reach one and three-quarters. There are eight tasks to complete.

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View and print a report Help a park ranger to arrange fencing in a wildlife sanctuary. Divide common geometric shapes into equal-sized sections for keeping cassowaries. Group the enclosures to form a quarantine zone for sick or injured birds. Then express the divisions of the enclosures as fractions.

French Fractions - Learn French Numbers

This learning object is one in a series of Help a boy to hit a bullseye with his paper plane. Build two fractions that add up to a target number up to two. Complete the numerators of both fractions one may have a fixed denominator. Look at fraction bars and a number line This is an iPad app. Look at fraction Here are some tips for adding and subtracting fractions. See how to ensure the denominators match. You'll use your knowledge of equivalent fractions too. Remember to write your answers in the simplest form.

What is a quarter? You get quarters when you divide a whole into four equal parts. Each one of these four parts is a quarter. Watch this great explainer produced by Monique in collaboration with ABC Splash and see how she explains quarters. How many quarters make up a whole? Help a town planner to design a site plan for a park.

les fractions en français avec Pascal

Assign regions on a grid for different uses such as picnic tables, swings, sandpits or ponds. Use this tool to explore how to express fractions and display them in different ways.

Fractions Across the Curriculum

Select boxes within the grid and view or enter corresponding fractions and their equivalents. Set the site dimensions to make a grid. Assign regions on the grid for different uses such as picnic tables, swings, sandpits or ponds. Select boxes within the grid and view or enter Help a town planner to design two site plans for a park.

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Conversion of Fractions in Various Bases

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