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Beach vacation: Mark Judge posted this picture of Kavanaugh circled and Judge top right. The journalist describes drink-fueled vacations and his friend 'Bart O'Kavanaugh' vomiting and passing out.

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Stripper party: Mark Judge writes about how boys hired a stripper to throw a bachelor party at one of their parents' homes for a teacher who was photographed staring at her breasts. He also posted this picture on Facebook, saying it was a bachelor party for a gym teacher: 'We had a keg and a belly dancer.. Kavanaugh is not named in the books and in both the author uses pseudonyms, in the first book even calling Georgetown Prep 'Loyola', a reference to St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order of Catholic priests who ran the school.

In fact Judge says that happened to him when his parents left him alone and another student kicked a hole from their attic through to the ceiling below as he searched for alcohol. And he describes how the elite school's students would party barely supervised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. In the memoir, he writes about being asked during that vacation: 'Do you know Bart O'Kavanaugh?

Judge writes that he replied: 'Yeah. He passed out on his way back from a party. In the first book, he described the chaperone as 'Shags', the older brother of his close friend 'Denny'. When they arrived Shages told them 'you guys want beer, I buy it. In his later memoir he casts the supervisor differently, but in he also write about sex on the vacations.

Though I had always been girl crazy, up until beach week it had all been minor league advances - games of spin the bottle at Our Lady of Fatima, a few stolen kisses at dances, and my failed attempt at sex the previous summer. Drink-sodden: Mark Judge has written two memoirs about alcoholism and covered his time at school with Brett Kavanaugh. Most of the time everyone, including the girls, was drunk. If you could breathe and walk at the same time, you could hook up with someone.

The vacations set the tone for the rest of their school years writes Judge. Judge described how his senior class hired a stripper for an impromptu bachelor party for his music teacher. Photos of students vomiting at the party and posing with the stripper were posted in an underground student newspaper called the Unknown Hoya. Maud a bachelor party when he announced he was getting married. A guy whose parents were away volunteered his house, and we got a keg of beer and hired a stripper,' wrote Judge. Maud — chugging a beer, surrounded by a group of us with raised mugs, and sitting down while being entertained by the stripper.

Memoirs: Mark Judge's books about his time at Georgetown Prep in the same class as BreTt Kavanaugh will be pored over by senators now contemplating how to deal with the sex assault allegations. Rival accounts: Brett Kavanaugh seen in his senior year denies a sexual assault when he was 17 on Christine Blasey Ford seen in her freshman year when she was Boys' club: Georgetown Prep was, and remains, all-boys. It is the oldest Jesuit-run Catholic school in the United Stats.

The differences between his accounts may raise questions over how reliable his version of events is, but that unreliability may be seized on by Democrats keen to throw into question his denial that he witnessed Kavanaugh attack Ford. Judge said during the summer in high school he and his classmates rented a beach house in Maryland where they drank heavily and 'chased girls without fear of curfew or punishment. We ate whatever and wherever we wanted, got drunk at night and in the middle of the day, and chased girls without fear of curfew or punishment,' wrote Judge.

Saint Ignatius High School (Cleveland)

We were pretty much left alone to do what we wanted, when we wanted. Judge became a member of the football team and although he does not mention it in the book, so did Kavanaugh - and the two posed together in a yearbook photograph captioned 'Those Feared Footballers' with the future federal judge showing his tounge.

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Judge, however, says that partying was more important than sport: 'For the past four months, we had thrown parties every weekend as well as after school, and had even snuck a keg into the parking lot during a basketball game. Judge said Georgetown Prep had 'lost its female cheerleaders' in the s because the girls 'had been humiliated by Prep boys in the bleachers making crude remarks.

To cheer on their football team, Judge and three male classmates got drunk and decided to dress up as female cheerleaders and rush the field during the homecoming game. Testimony in demand: Both Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor, and Brett Kavanaugh, seen leaving his Chevy Chase, MD, home Monday, now face being questioned by senators about a party when she was 15 and he was 17 - which he denies being at.

Elite school: Georgetown Prep's reputation in the early s is now in question.

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During a raucous graduation party at a mansion in Maryland, Judge recalled that one of his classmates did a cannonball into the pool while pulling down his shorts to 'moon' Father Howard, the headmaster of Georgetown Prep. At the same party, Judge wrote that the school's sex education teacher stumbled across a Georgetown Prep student having sex with a girl behind a tree in the front yard.

Ward] walked over to find a Prep student in a compromising position with a girl from Stone Ridge, the ritzy local Catholic girls school,' wrote Judge. But the Prep student called after him. Judge described how one teacher reprimanded him and his friends for their behaviour: 'To us, everything was a joke. We had no concern for the truth. We were mocking people without pointing to what we found good — aside from drinking, sex, and violent home-made movies.

Hart was partially right. Perhaps we could have been more serious. But isn't there a kernel of seriousness to satire?

Christine Blasey Ford, who attended a nearby girls' school, claimed she attended a small party with Kavanaugh and Judge in when the boys were 17 and she was This week, Ford stepped forward to accuse Kavanaugh of assaulting her at the party. The allegations have not been corroborated, but it has led some Democrats to call for a delay in Kavanaugh's confirmation vote to the Supreme Court.

Ford said Kavanaugh and Judge were heavily intoxicated when she met them at a small house party in Maryland. She said they took her into an upstairs bedroom where Kavanaugh pinned her to the bed, climbed on top of her, fumbled with her clothing, and put his hand over her mouth. Ford said Judge stood nearby, encouraging his friend but also telling him to 'stop. Ford said the boys were laughing and turned the music up in the room which drowned out any noise from the rest of the house.

At one point, Ford said Judge jumped on top of Kavanaugh and both boys fell off of her. She said she ran into the bathroom and locked the door, and waited before she heard them go downstairs before she fled the house. She also said the alleged assault had a detrimental impact on her life and she required years of therapy to deal with it. I am writing with information relevant in evaluating the current nominee to the Supreme Court. As a constituent, I expect that you will maintain this as confidential until we have further opportunity to speak. Brett Kavanaugh physically and sexually assaulted me during high school in the early 's.

Both were one to two years older than me and students at a local private school. The assault occurred in a suburban Maryland area home at a gathering that included me and four others. Kavanaugh physically pushed me into a bedroom as I was headed for a bathroom up a short stair well from the living room.

They locked the door and played loud music precluding any successful attempt to yell for help. They both laughed as Kavanaugh tried to disrobe me in their highly inebriated state. With Kavanaugh's hand over my mouth I feared he may inadvertently kill me. The pile toppled, and the two scrapped with each other. After a few attempts to get away, I was able to take this opportune moment to get up and run across to a hallway bathroom.

Institutional Power works the same, from Trump to the Jesuits. Charles Darwin proved right again. It is the survival of the strongest and wealthiest and most powerful.

Kashoggi and how to get away with murder. Very simple just pick and choose your morals and ethics. The victim is thrown under the bus for the sake of the greater good. Kind of ironic that Darwin held back publishing "Origin of the Species" for fear of Catholic Church backlash, when the Church is the quintessential Darwinist. Collateral damage is just a fact of life. Redress and Compensation for child sex abuse Australia. Who is the scholastic in ? There are allegations that a scholastic in tried to seduce a boarder and in he did engage in serious sexual behaviour with two boarders.

He is known to have been at Melbourne University after Xavier College. Chris Gleeson is said to have had very weird long interviews with boys like a psychological torture, for example asking repeatedly "why do you love your father? Xavier College sex offenders colour. The Society of Jesus is the toughest The head of one of the main legal firms handling sex abuse claims told a survivor that while most others are reasonable and somewhat forthcoming, the Society of Jesus is the worst in terms of not providing information and fighting claims. The police also say that getting information from the Society of Jesus is very difficult.

Interviewing a Jesuit priest.

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Pope Francis and the Vatican still using diplomatic immunity to keep files and information secret. The response of the Vatican to the UK child sex abuse inquiry was condemned as "very disappointing" today. Redress scheme failing victims,Victorian state government says October 29, Victoria's Attorney-General is calling on the federal government to urgently fix the delays that have plagued the national compensation scheme for survivors of institutional sexual abuse. Andrew Hamilton s. In domestic situations read the Society of Jesus we may have received the polite, dangerous warning, 'We don't speak about that, dear.

This kind of silence can hold families the Society of Jesus divided. It results in a cynical people who are ruled by narrow self-interest. They all say the first thing they knew of it was when they they heard of a complaint or saw it in the news, many years later. Why would it be different here in Australia? Here is the sex abuse memorial rock and plaque. I had not seen it before, took a while to find it.