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Read More. Apostasy Rising The year is The Church is in crisis. The only hope for the future is retrieving the past.

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A Reimagined Faith What do you do when the faith you grew up with no longer makes sense? All Books. Coming Soon! Join My Insider's Group Join my insider's group for updates and your free novel—a full-length action-adventure story in my Order of Thaddeus thriller series. But it's my belief you'd sell yourself, if it was only for the pleasure of making somebody feel he'd got a bad bargain.

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You know I'm a jewel for 'ticing people into bargains. I'd ride him to the hunt to-morrow for you, with pleasure.

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I shouldn't look so handsome as you in the saddle, but it's the horse they'll bid for, and not the rider. Read Books Online, for Free. Page 5 of 8 More Books More by this Author.

Read PDF Silas, the Threat

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