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If he were to choose between his children…. I read this chapter till the end. Before leaving the house, I once again went to the temple. My wife was in the kitchen while my mother was still in the balcony. My daughters had been sent to school. I rang the bell expecting to hear the usual recording. But this time a voice echoed from the temple: Ram…. Not only words but voice also was different from the recording I had been hearing for years.

I was shocked and stunned and possibly frightened. I pulled away my hand from the bell as though I had received an electric shock. I stared at the temple for about half a minute. Was my mind so stressed that I had started hearing things? I gathered the courage to ring the bell again and the same voice echoed again.

Was someone playing a prank on me?

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I rang the bell once again. I rang the bell 3—4 times back to back after that.

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The same usual recording played out. By this time, my mother and my wife had come near the temple and staring blankly. We all understood that it was something divine, perhaps a sign of blessings of Lord Hanuman. I started for office after a while. In the office I got the good news that my leave had been sanctioned and when I was having lunch, my wife called me to tell another good news.

There was no need of surgery.

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It can be cured with just medicines. Other than these 2 major issues, some smaller issues in my life are also getting resolved one by one as I write this email. But I have been doing that for years. What was the difference yesterday?

What made Lord Hanuman manifest in my home and resolve my problems? I learned that the correct method of chanting any Mantra is to first purify the soul by reading Immortal Talks by Lord Hanuman. If you also experienced something like this after reading Immortal Talks book , and want to share your experience to the world, email it to: immortaltalks gmail.

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Sign in. Get started. I used this Mantra and method to call Lord Hanuman for help, and He came! Seer Books Follow. Spirituality Hinduism Karma India Life.