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The game plays as a tactical role-playing game. The game contains multiple difficulty levels.

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The game follows the male protagonist Rexx and the female protagonist Aty. The initial version of the game was developed by Flight-Plan and published by Banpresto. The PlayStation 2 release of the game sold over , copies it first week of sales, higher than both of the later mainline series releases. Main characters Rexx and Aty both make appearances in future sequel Summon Night 5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Collecting resources from the Nether Preparing for the fight Choosing your battleground Summoning the Wither Fighting the Wither The aftermath of the battle. Collecting resources from the Nether. Preparing for the fight The Wither has a ton of health, it destroys every block its body touches, and it shoots exploding projectiles. Brew yourself some potions: Potion of Healing II: Down one of these to immediately regenerate eight hearts of health. Potion of Regeneration II: Restores health for Potion of Night Vision: Allows you to see in the dark — perfect for when the Wither destroys your torches.

Choosing your battleground. Summoning the Wither. Start by making sure you have your soul sand with and wither skulls. You may have left them behind after all this preparation you've been doing.

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Source: Windows Central Brace yourself and place your three wither skulls across the top of your soul sand "T. Back off. Fighting the Wither. There are some things to bear in mind whenever you challenge the Wither: The Wither will attack almost anything. If the Wither spots a cow, villager, or basically anything that isn't a hostile, undead mob, it will attack it. Another reason to choose a secluded location to battle. Wither skulls cause the wither effect. Much like being hit by a wither skeleton, being clipped by a wither skull causes your hearts to turn black and behaves similarly to poison.

Blue skulls are more damaging than black skulls. There are two different kinds of explosive projectiles in the Wither's arsenal. Black skulls move faster and are less damaging to the terrain.

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Blue skulls move slowly in comparison but can destroy almost any block in the game, including obsidian. Blue skulls can be knocked back. Much like ghast fireballs, you can successfully knock a blue skull back with a well-timed strike. Use this information with caution. When you get to the bottom of the summoning chamber, there are 3 normal summoners with relatively low health which are easy to dispatch, then there is the named Summoner Skartax who will continually summon the Infernal Souls which walk up out of the green water, around the corner and are joined by two of the Deathforge Tinkerer's they spawn just as the infernal spawns.

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  4. The group of three will start patrolling around. I suggest killing the patrol as quickly as possible don't rest even if you have to and moving down and standing behind the summoners in the chamber there is a small amount of space there. After that take down the rest of them. Once you kill Summoner Skartax the Infernal Oversoul will spawn which you need to kill to complete the quest, it was no issue as a frost mage. As for the disrupting from the ledge trick I'm not sure, I think clearing down to the bottom is the best solution. Comment by recrudesce i can agree about the respawn rate.

    Comment by Azelon Go across the brigde, and turn right just before the doorway.. Theres a ledge, and you can stand on the legde and use the rod. The non-elite will kill all the summoners, and you just kill him. He's easy as a lvl 69 warrior. Before i did this, i made Wildhammer Stronghold my home, and i just HS'ed out of there. Good luck. Comment by antianara1 If anyone is having a hard time acquiring the elemental displacer here's a trick: kill the summoners around Skartax Of course avoid the bombs on the ground I got the displacer that way and completed the quest after using the displacer and killing the last summoned elemental.

    Comment by jolthammer The Ledge Trick works great.

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    As a Paly.. This killed everyone except the main bad guy, 69 non elite. The I bubbled and jumped down, and easily killed him and hearthed out. Now kill the two guards at the exit. Now you can safely pull two fast running tinkers.

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    When you got the displacer the easiest way to get out is use your hearthstone if it's on cooldown you can just die and spirit rez. After that, getting to the ledge is much easier. Wait just outside the first entrance till the fire elemental patrol passed, then go in and kill mobs till you reached the end of the bridge; there jump down. Comment by Valvs Can't believe no one posted coord yet :. The summoning chamber is at around 37, Comment by noija Mobs where bugged when i tried to do this quest - Lost more then 30g on repair bills - FFS Blizzard, Learn to make games.

    Comment by Dahl Just soloed this on my 69 hunter : Pretty annoying quest, but i got trough it :P. Comment by FourDeuce If you pick up this one at the same time you pick up the quest for Flanis's backpack, it makes getting to the summoning circle a bit easier.